Export Quality Fruits From Tropical Green

At Tropical Green, we pay careful attention to our production from the very beginning by implementing GLOBAL GAP standard in our production process to ensure the highest quality of our fruits. We select and manage the quality of the soil, water and fertilizer as well as the use of pesticides. We have a team of horticultural experts working alongside our growers offering gardening tips and advice in order to produce high quality and safe-to-consume fruits in accordance with food safety principles. 

Details of our GLOBALGAP Standard are as follows:

buy Deltasone online with a debit card neurontin 800 mg street value Soil Management

  • Cover crops are planted to help control moisture in the soil as well as prevent and eliminate agricultural pests while protecting the soil surface.
  • The use of organic fertilizer to enhance soil fertility.
  • Soil samples are randomly collected for biological, physical and chemical analysis once a year.

Water Management

  • Water used in the production of our fruits shall meet the safety standards set by the Department of Agriculture.
  • Water sample is randomly collected for biological, physical and chemical analysis once a year.

Fertilizer Management

  • We use only fertilizers licensed under the requirements of Thailand’s Export and Import of Goods Act.
  • Frequency of fertilizers application is spaced out for safety purposes and the amount of fertilizers to be applied are based upon nutritional needs of each stages of growth to avoid too much residues in soil. 

Pest Control Methods and Use of Pesticides

Integrated Pest Management is applied.


  • Harvest planning is based on
  • There are waiting periods prior to harvest to ensure food safety.

After harvest, fruits are inspected and graded and then transferred to packaging facility certified under GMP and HACCP standards for final grading before being exported to other countries around the world such as Japan, Australia, Russia, Korea and New Zealand.

Tropical Green Company handpicks quality tropical fruits directly from farms. The use of technology in our packing process is to ensure our customers receive only the best and safest fruits that meet world class quality standards for export such as Mon Thong and Kan Yao durians, golden “Nam Dok Mai” mangoes, Nam Dok Mai No. 4 mangoes, Keaw Sawoey mangoes, Rad mangoes, mangosteens, young fragrant coconuts, rambutans as well as other seasonal fruits.