Thai Eggplant


Thai Eggplant Export Quality From Thailand

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best site to buy provigil online Characteristics : The where to buy modafinil uk forum eggplant can sprout as a single fruit or as a bunch. Each fruit has a stem at the base of the large side, which is about 3-5 cm long. The fruit is covered in 5 large green petals connected together at the base. The ends of the petals are narrow and pointed. There are minuscule hairs covering the petals’ surface.

here Health Benefit : There are substances in the group of Capresterol, Diosgenin, Solanine, Solanines, Solasonine, Solacarpine, a small amount of oil, and various alkaloids such as calcium, iron, and magnesium chloride. It has the property of fighting cancer cells within the colon, as well as liver. It reduces muscle contraction, smooths blood vessels, reduces blood pressure.

Season : all throughout the year

Place of Origin : throughout the country