Shape: Big, cylindrical, and shallow seedy sections

Weight: 1000-1500 g

Colour: Dark green or yellowish orange rind; mild yellow flesh

Taste: Sweet and sour


Phuket (Trat Si Thong)

Shape: Medium, cylindrical, and bulging seedy sections

Weight:  1000-1500 g

Colour: Brownish yellow rind; bright yellow flesh

Taste: Pungent sweet fragrant

Nutrition: High in vitamins C (Fresh pineapple is the perfect ending to a dinner because of its enzymes aid digestion)

Storage: Pattawia variety: 2-4 weeks at 13-15°C, 85-90% RH; Phuket variety: 1-2 weeks at 15-20°C, 85-90% RH

Season: Available all year round; Peak in April-July