Fresh Cut Durian

Durian Fresh Cut
Durian Fresh Cut

Fresh Cut Monthong Durian

Tropical Green presents a new alternative for those who love to eat delicious, fresh, and fragrant Durian but are unable to pry the fruit open.

At Tropical Green, we have been encouraging farmers to grow good quality durians free of chemicals for export for a long time.

Fresh Cut Durian is Tropical Green’s pride and joy.

We select Monthong Durians that are over 90% maturity which can continue to ripen naturally without curing.

Our durians are sweet and fragrant, and most importantly, free of any chemical residues.

Our durians come from the best high fertility plantation with optimum weather and geographical conditions.

The harvested durians are then cleaned and peeled, going through a rigorous process of physical examination, regarding appearance, color, and sweetness before being weighed and packed into clear Anti-fog containers, which are air tight and temperature controlled at 1 degree Celsius to prolong the life of the fruit.

Fresh cut durians are exported throughout the world as ripe and ready to eat durians.

Because the production process of fresh cut durian takes place in a factory that adheres to the GMP& HACCP standard, consumers can be ensured that all fresh cut durians made from Tropical Green are fresh, clean and free of contamination from the pathogenic microorganisms.

It is certified by the Food Institute that the shelf life of the product is over 12 days if kept in the temperature of 6-10 degrees.

Switch from frozen to fresh durian today for the ultimate tastiness and uncompromised nutritional benefits.

Packing: 24 plastic packs per foam
Weight: 500 grams per plastic pack
Foam dimension: W46*L61*H32 cm

No. of ice gel: 12 pieces
Net weight: 12.0 kg
Gross weight: 16.5 kg
Shelf life: 12 days

Storage temperature: 2-3 degree Celsius


Why fresh cut durian

  • Easy to eat
  • Good ripe with good taste
  • Save freight cost
  • No insect found
  • More shelf life