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cucumber export from thailand
cucumber export from thailand


Characteristics : The cucumber is cylindrical and has a length of 5 – 15 cm.

The interior of the cucumber is juicy. The skin is bumpy, especially in newly sprouted cucumbers.

The skin can be white, light green, green, dark green, and black.
It has a distinct scent. As the vegetable ages, it becomes yellow, yellowish cream color, and dark orange.

Health Benefit : Cucumber has a water content of 96%, so it is very thirst-quenching and moisturizing for the body.

It helps eliminate waste residue in the body.

Phenol aids oxidation. In addition, cucumber juice has a diuretic effect, reduces fever, and helps with insomnia.
It also reduces stomach acid and thirst.

Season : September- March

Place of Origin : Loey, Petchaboon, Ratchaburi