Chinese cabbage


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chinese cabbage export from thailand
chinese cabbage export from thailand

Characteristics : The trunk is straight, with a round shape, with thick, long and thick petioles covering the trunk.
In some species, the blossom is wrapped in green leaves.

The Chinese cabbage is a single-leafed plant.
The leaves sprout from the base where larger leaves are positioned outside smaller leaves.
The leaves have an oval shape with a wider base.

The texture of the leaves are thin and shiny, with very prominent veins.
The edge of the leaves are serrated. They are light green, green mixed with yellow, or dark green.
The petiole is white, thick, and long. It is sweet and crunchy.

Health Benefit : The Chinese cabbage has a very high water content at 96.6% In 100 grams of the vegetable,
there is 0.5 grams of fiber, which help cleanse the bowel and stimulate bowel movement.

Vitamin C helps fight free radicals and strengthen the immune system.

Chinese cabbage also contains folates that helps prevent cardiovascular disease and protects the defects of the spinal cord of newborns.

As for its medicinal properties, it acts as a diuretic and treats coughing.

Season : September- January

Place of Origin : Petchaboon, Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi