Acacia (Cha-Om)


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Acacia (Cha-Om)  is a tropical shrub-like plant, with a look similar to that of a fern. Cha-om is an herbaceous vegetable.
The plant is a member of the acacia family,

Cha-om is a vitamin-rich vegetable, containing high amounts of vitamin A, calcium and iron, as well as vitamins B and C.

The herb is also a good source of fiber and phosphorus. Cha-om contains various beneficial nutrients, such as beta sitosterol, which helps lower cholesterol and promotes prostate health, and tannins, which are anti-microbial and have antioxidant properties.

The parts that are eaten are the ferny young leaf shoots and tender tips before the stems turn tough and thorny.

It has a particular fragrance that may seem unpleasant at first to the unaccustomed, but when it’s cooked up, it’s so tasty that most people can’t stop eating it and the aroma is just part of the package and soon becomes quite likable.

This happens a lot whenever cha-om is cooked up in my cooking classes.

Characteristics : The edible part of the plant is the feathery shoots. The leaves are oval-shaped with a rough surface texture. Newly sprouted leaves are light green and darken as they age. The shoot folds together when it is newly sprouted and separates as time goes on. It has a unique fragrance.

Health Benefit : The Acacia (Cha-Om) is a vegetables that is high in fiber and protein. Beta carotene helps to prevent cancer. Calcium helps maintain bones and teeth. Zinc helps maintain blood quality and regulate blood flow within the body.

Season : all throughout the year

Place of Origin : Nakorn Nayok, Lopburi