New Technology Update

Under the name of ‘TROPICAL GREEN’, we have been carefully selecting the finest fruit that Thailand has to offer including mango, longan, coconuts, guava, mangosteen, durian and rambutan with careful attention to quality and safety control in our packaging factory with our new OZONE cleaning and VHT treatment facility.

Vapor Heat Treatment) VHT

Tadalafil Oral Strips Buy 20 MG No Prescription where can you buy antabuse Vapor Heat Treatment is a non-chemical, VHT alternative to control and quarantine unwanted insects and fungi in tropical fruits. Vapor heat treatment is a very environmentally friendly process of sterilization which is environmentally friendly process of sterilization which is much safer than the use of insecticides and other
synthetic chemicals. We ensure that our customers have a healthy choice when they buy our fruits.

The VHT machine installed in our facility is the first of its kind and the most hi-tech module system available in Thailand.  With a major change of independent partition
and sensors, our VHT module system can control the temperature and humidity of different sized harvests more precisely during processing.  

We guarantee our fruit after processing since we use the most advanced VHT system available from the original VHT manufacturer in Japan which always produces the best quality without any internaldamage.