Our Factory

Our Factory

Why Tropical Green?

Our company has focused on achieving the highest possible standards in produce and obtaining all of the necessary certifications such as GMP, GAP and HACCP. We have successfully established an efficient business management system and supply chain by contracting local farms throughout Thailand. Our experienced staff has provided our contracted farmers with strict guidelines and high expectations with regards to planning, farm preparation and farm maintenance to ensure that the produce that we receive is of the highest quality and freshness. Our agricultural and manufacturing practices have met international requirements and standards and as a result, we have been awarded GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification.

Moreover, our company has focused more on studying and researching a variety of ways to give the products a longer shelf life by using appropriate post-harvest technology together with a controlled atmosphere. With our special treatment and technology, our products always stay fresh while maintaining a long shelf life.

With our expertise, we apply modern post-harvest technologies to prolong the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.

We start the production process by selecting high-quality fruits from our contract farming and then process these through our packing house and skilled workers.

We pay close attention to every details of selecting high quality ingredients which are free from insecticide and harmful chemicals to using post-harvest technology and controlling the final quality for export.

For this reason, we have formed a R&D team who is able to accurately test and analyze the products. Our team use cutting edge post-harvest technology to improve the quality of the products in order to ensure the highest freshness and longest shelf life.

Vapour heat treatment (VHT): The use of hot steam is the best method used for pest control in mangoes. This method imitates nature, using heat and relative humidity to eradicate worm eggs, and fruit flies, while maintaining the quality of the fruit. The method uses a hot steam oven controlled by a computer system to steam the mangoes at the temperature of 47 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes at a relative humidity level of more than 90 percent, resulting in the highest quality mangoes that are free from pests. The mangoes are then packed into the box to be sent to the customer.

Fumigation: The use of Methyl Bromide (chemical formula CH3Br) is approved by the Department of Agriculture. The positive properties of methyl bromide in pesticides include the ability to kill insects at all stages of growth, from eggs, larval stages, pupa stages, to adult insects. It can thoroughly spread and penetrate into vegetables and fruits and can be drained in a short time. The fruits that have been treated with methyl bromide are completely free from pests.

The use of Ozone (O3): Ozone is a naturally occurring gas. Ozone oxidation, possible with both organic and almost all inorganic substances, both in water and in the air, has high disinfecting properties.  Ozone enters the molecules of contaminants and decomposes them by changing the structure of the substance. After the oxidization process, Ozone transforms into Oxygen, which is not harmful to living organisms and the environment. Thus, it can be used to wash fruits and vegetables to eliminate toxins and chemical residues, effectively kill contaminated microorganisms, and maintain freshness for vegetables and fruits for longer than using other disinfectants.

Mango sizing machine: After harvesting high quality mangoes from the garden, the mango fruit sizing machine is used in accordance with the standard weight criteria controlled by the computer to achieve consistency, convenience in operation for the next steps, according to the consumer standards.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging: This method uses selective pulp technology through packaging. By limiting the access to Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and water to a minimum, while fruits and vegetables are still able to aerate normally, it maintains fresh vegetables and fruits with better quality for a longer time, which helps to extend the shelf life of products under the right temperature.

Quality Control

We make sure that our quality is intensively controlled in order to meet or exceed export standards and quality in every process.


We control the temperature during the entire process in order to ensure products quality.