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Nam Hom Coconut – The original taste available only in Thailand

Nam Hom Coconut – The original taste available only in Thailand

Fragrant coconut, or Ma-Phrao Nam-Hom in the Thai language, is another tropical fruit that has been favored by Thai and international consumers. The coconut water contains sugar in the form of glucose, which can be easily absorbed by our body. That’s why one can feel refreshing almost instantly when drinking coconut juice. Plus, the coconut water weighing around 100 grams has an energy of only 79 kcal. 

Although there are many cultivars of coconut in Thailand, the most famous and worldly beloved is Nam-Hom coconut as it yields sweet fragrant fruits that can be partaken as both coconut juice or fresh fruit. It is also accepted that the best Nam-Hom coconut must come from Ratchaburi province, which also produces the most coconut fruits in Thailand. 

The coconut has several health benefits. Some of them include restoring energy instantly, treating dehydration, nourishing skin, strengthening bones, balancing hormones for women entering menopause, etc. The coconut may also be able to prevent heart disease, control blood sugar, manage weight, relieve rash, and fend off gallstone. 

Tropical Green is Thailand’s leading fruit exporter. We select only premium Nam-Hom coconuts from trusted coconut gardens in Ratchaburi and Samutsakorn provinces, the two best places to grow coconut trees. 

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