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Durian King of Fruit Fantastic Inside Hard Spiky Shell

We are now in the durian season in Thailand.
Durian season in Thailand is from around April through August.

Creamy. Sweet. Buttery. Ambrosial.
The list of appealing adjectives could go on forever when describing the king of fruits.

If there are “100 things you should taste before you die”,
then the durian fruit is certainly in the top ten.

Fresh cut durian new product release from Tropical Green

Premium quality of fresh cut durian, NO FROZEN

Fresh from farm with many benefit

• Guarantee high maturity with creamy, tasty and sweetness

• Ready to eat and go

Tropical Green is the one of Thailand fresh fruit exporter.
We deliver our product to our customers around the globe
by both air and sea freight. With our extensive experience and attention to detail,
we have won the trust and satisfaction of our customers in the worldwide market.

We guarantee your total satisfaction by money back guarantee. High Quality of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Wholesaler’s Contact
E-mail : enquiry@thetropicalgreen.com

(USA, Asia Pacific, Australia,
New Zealand)

(Middle East, Russia, Europe)

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