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Antioxidation and Pro-oxidation

Let’s talk further about Yin-Yang and balancing dietary, with Antioxidation and Pro-oxidation?

Antioxdation is the oxidant inhibiting process by antioxidant. There are 3 kinds of antioxidant categorized with their functions ; 1. prevent new free radicals, 2. kill or inhibit free radicals, and 3. to stop the cycle of free radical creation.

Pro-oxidation stimulates oxidation which causes imbalance and free radicals.

How are antioxidation and pro-oxidation related to Yin-Yang?

An article, ”Yin-Yang” referred to redox regulation which is electron transportation.

Yin foods are considered as antioxidation. They eliminate reactive oxygen species (ROS) from food burning and breathing which causes significant cell maturity.

Yang foods are considered as pro-oxidation, boosting digestion system and giving energy.

Balancing dietary is to eat both Yin and Yang foods in proper amount. We eat Yang foods to give energy, and eat Yin foods to reduce free radicals.