About Us

About Us

We are one of Thailand’s leading exporters of high quality fruits and vegetables and we deliver our produce to our customers around the globe by both air and sea freight. With our extensive experience and attention to detail, we have won the trust and satisfaction of our customers in the worldwide market.

With our high export standards and expertise, Tropical Green Co. Ltd. has been selected by the Department of International Trade Promotion and the Ministry of Commerce to be a member of the Thailand exporter list. Exporter List No. 12000165.


Established 2014, Tropical Green Company started introducing Thai premium fruits to the fresh fruit lovers who had no chance to visit Thailand and experience our exotic fruits.  Due to delicious taste with healthy benefit, Thai fruits immediately became very popular among the consumers all over the world.  In addition to whole fresh fruits, Tropical Green also offer the wide range of fresh cut fruits which enable the consumers to taste ready to eat Thai fruits in a convenient way.

Since the explosion in tourism to Thailand during past 10 years, Thai food and cuisine has been getting more popularity due to its taste and healthy.  The demand of original Thai herbs or local fresh vegetables with free from residue or organically grown are in need of supermarket and restaurant everywhere.   King Fresh Farm as a supporting organic farm of Tropical Green which strictly follow the standard of EU and USDA organic initiated transferring the technique of growing vegetables in a global organic standards to the contract farms in a different unpolluted organic zones in Thailand.  With good soil and climate, many different organic produces with certificates can be harvested and export to many countries under Tropical Green all year round.

Due to high demand of healthy products worldwide from now on, Tropical Green then entered to the healthy processing food business.  In 2018, the freshly squeezed tropical fruit juice was introduced to the pure fruit juice lover.  Many of organic raw material and processing are under research and development for future trend.


Tropical Green aims to be a dedicated supplier of high-quality tropical fresh fruit and vegetables; products of a superb quality, with standard of food safety along post harvest technology and grown under circumstances with attention to growers and the environment.


We strongly believe in integrity, trustworthiness and honesty, we insist that at every stage of what we do, Tropical Green works in partnership with our growers and customers. We insist on ‘Fair Trade’ principles and ethical business practices that support the smallest grower. We commit that the produce we deliver to the supermarket shelf and your customers are all done to the highest ethical and quality standards.